The objective of Ilosaarirock 2014 project was to design and construct decoration patterns for 2 lighting towers.

The provided by the supervisor plans included guidelines concluding the use of recycled and eco friendly materials that is why a lot of attention was paid especially to sustainability issues.

Chickenwire was chosen as a base and other materials (textile, coffee bags, aluminium paper, plastic bags, etc.) as materials for patterns themselves.

The implementation of the project included: sketching and development of ideas, choosing and getting materials, cutting chickenwire (creating frames), creating honeycomb patterns, attaching honeycomb patterns to frames, documentation of the project.

The ready structures were located in the central areas of the festival.


Alexandra Borisova
Anastasia Kaicheva
Anne Leppänen
Eleni Kyriakou
Elina Pesonen
Kristiina Jormakka
Laila Nieminen
Marjo Holopainen
Sarita Syväoja
Tommi Vatanen